More than just a workplace.

You want to attract the best and the brightest to take on your company’s biggest challenges. In today’s world, this means more than just a place to work. Top tier talent craves unique and interesting projects, motivated coworkers, and a greater sense of fulfillment.

Use this as an opportunity. Attract the best talent, and offer experiences that allow them to make the most of their lives. Watch the positive energy from engaged employees ripple throughout your company.


start-ups start with remote engineering teams


salary+overhead of a software developer

65 days

to hire a software developer


unemployment rate for developers

Scalable talent

You may feel stuck choosing between expensive full-time talent, or hard to manage subcontractors. Finding the best fit for your business often comes up short.

We offer solutions that allow for scalable, fully integrated people or teams that can quickly address your needs. No unmanageable commitments or pressures. Individuals feel fulfilled and engaged, and you have the best people for the job on your team.

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Who we are

Leapfrog was founded by Chris Sprague, Himal Karmacharya, and Chandika Bhandari on the mantra that quality, happy employees lead to successful projects and clients.

Chris Sprague


Himal Karmacharya

President, Strategy and Operations

Chandika Bhandari

President, Business Development

Eric Watson

Client Solutions Executive

Chris Bohnert

Director of Engineering

Lukas Svek

Executive, Dynamics and Power Solutions

Bimal Maharjan

Executive, AI and Machine Learning

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