Dedicated Team

Well-oiled machine.

Your team is tailored with the skills you need, and handpicked to form a cohesive team. But that’s not all. We manage and mentor your members on how to work together. They indoctrinate best practices for code and quality standards, demonstrate command and ownership over your goals, and exude pride and accountability for your success. We build teams with the tools to deliver autonomously, but the culture and flexibility to plug-in alongside your existing teams without missing a beat.


  1. Project Manager
  2. Tech Lead


  1. Data Scientist
  2. UI/UX Designer


  1. Software Developer
  2. Software Developer
  3. Software Developer
  4. DevOps Engineer
  1. Software Developer
  2. Software Developer
  3. QA Engineer
Average teams have max 7 software developers. Teams are scalable according to requirement.

All parts included

A team comes with all the pieces they need to deliver. Your team is an integrated ensemble of tech leads, engineers, design as needed, and a team leader responsible to you. Architects, Subject Matter Experts, and cross-cutting skills like DevOps and Data Models stand by for oversight and guidance. Those experts are your team’s ace in the hole for any technical challenge that could use an extra set of eyes to get right - and we provide them for free.

One big team

Our team becomes your team, and from there on out is an extension of your business. Team members are all personally invested in your success. And you will only work with people that are team players, self-motivated, and masters at their craft. You get all the benefits of a rock star in-house team, with the ability to scale up and down or remix skills as needed.

Vetted, mobilized, managed.

We source high quality freelancers and make them even stronger through careful onboarding, continuous, constructive review and constant coaching and skill-building. It’s a proven formula for helping people reach their full potential.



Rockstars only. Our members are handpicked from the most talented technologists around the world. We work with 2% of the people that apply.



DNA tested. Our members pass coding exams and take-home exercises with flying colors. They have doer and hacker mindsets. They studied at top-tier schools, worked at tech titans, and built successful startups. We work with people that have something special.



Our people are trained in best practices for communication and collaboration, and battle-tested with projects to make sure they work well with other all-stars. Only the strongest survive to form your dream team.



From milestones, to speed, to quality, to happiness - your team delivers in every way. We use oversight teams and tools, 365 degree peer reviews, and tight feedback loops to ensure you’re happy with your team.

Full stack for any stack

We pride ourselves on the technical breadth and depth to do any job. We serve the spectrums of JavaScript to GoLang to Rust, ReactNative to just native mobile, data cleansing to data engineering to machine learning. Our product people have worked across consumer, healthcare, fintech, and enterprise. Niche or not, big or small - we have the right team for you.

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