Software Outsourcing

Agile at heart.

We built a team of engineers that feed off a digital culture of collaboration. It is meant to be flexible and it is meant to be lightweight. You need a conference call for a quick standup scrum meeting? You got it. New feature request on your project board? We’re on it. Our team likes a challenge. Give us the freedom to express ourselves through our work and we’ll ship reliably and quickly for you.

Best practices, refined.

We have a wide variety of team members each with various specialties. But all of them cut their teeth on best practices we’ve learned and adopted from working from our experience at top tech companies. We can tailor our process to your needs. Do you work best with a two-week sprint cycle? How about Kanban project management? Maybe scrums are more your thing. Whatever we tailor for you, you will be using cutting edge practices to keep oversight and stay on track, and adapt.

Giving back and learning together.

We encourage individual growth and community contribution through open source projects and pod [whatever they are called] groups. Our team members follow their passions and grow through personal motivation. If there is someone in the community that specializes in a needed skill, they’ll reach out to each other. If they see a worthwhile open source project that benefited them, they take the time to give back and contribute.

Balanced process.

We use processes to guide our thinking and to deliver reliably. But process alone can become rigid. For balance, we depend on you to share your business level goals and challenges. Your team members will use this space to be creative in their problem solving and balance process with results.



Over the years we’ve found that onboarding is the most critical phase of an engagement. We use the initial onboarding phase as discovery to set goals, dive deep into open questions, and merge your company culture with our team’s culture.



Our team will be selected to meet your individual needs. This means they will have the necessary technical skills to get the job done and business level skills to help you make tactical decisions. In the initial phase, it will be important to set expectations for how problems are tackled, how decisions are made, and how conflicts are resolved.



We train our team members from day one to embody our best practices and find opportunities to specialize in skills that are relevant to them. Don’t be surprised if your team has tackled similar problems in the past.



Your team has access to the shared experiences of our entire organization. Sometimes we’ll have team members learn new skills to meet your needs but we also encourage communication and collaboration with others in Aug.Team to solve problems.

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