Staff Augmentation

Focus on the What, leave the How to us.

Powered by people, our 24/7 platform allows clients to stop sweating the work and focus on creating the change that will transform their business. More than just a "swipe right", the deep intelligence driving the platform puts the right person on your problem. Right when you need them. Sweet!

People are our success.

We've turned the knobs and flipped the switches to find you a team of people with a genuine understanding of the problems you need to solve. You'll get to see potential team members and details of their experience solving real problems, not just an alphabet soup of skills. Let our platform introduce you to your perfect team in seconds not weeks, all without having to leave your comfy chair.

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No hands, full speed ahead!


Scale Intelligently

Our algorithms are working overtime to match your requirements with a team of high performing, highly motivated individuals each immediately ready to bring their unique talents to bear on solving your problem.


Just in time Involvement

Set your new team on task and watch the work streams unfold around you. Jump into a conversation to provide expertise on a detail or comment on a pull request to make sure all those tasty edge cases are considered. Choose how and where to be involved. We're here to work the way you do, not force you into our mold.


Institutional Memory

Team members strive to not just complete a task, but rather to understand its value to you and your company. Never again worry about losing key knowledge and learnings. In the event you need to add or change members, the team's got your back.


Feedback Required

We've identified seven individual traits that are common among the best team players. We regularly take self-assessment, peer assessment and feedback from you to identify each individual's progress in these trait areas. It’s how we quantify improvement and measure value to you.

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